“You’re My BEST Friend”


I spent the weekend with a fun group of ladies relaxing, getting pampered,DSC03345 eating and drinking to excess and playing games. It was just the sort of bachelorette weekend our soon-to-be bride was looking for and it was just the weekend I needed after a whirl-wind few months. I loved not having any responsibilities and the ability to enjoy a party put on by someone else. It was a treat to say the least and I even made some new friends in the process!

DSC03341Upon coming home I happily learned that a few other beings had become friends over the weekend.

Since the beginning of July my SIL, her boyfriend and their 7 month old Italian Mastiff, Cookie, have been shacking it up with us in our guest master bedroom. DSC03342  My almost 3 year old German Shepherd, Dragon, has not been thrilled to say the least. He’s left Cookie cowering in corners, afraid to wander throughout the house for fear of being attacked. They are both males and both fully in tact if ya know what I mean which is why Dragon was acting so territorial. It’s to be expected.

DSC03343So, needless to say I was relieved when I came home and realized they had become butt-buddies. They are now frolicking in the yard, chasing each other in circles, licking each other’s faces and butts (cause they’re dogs and gross like that) and doing all the fun things that young dogs do together once they realize it’s more fun to be friends than enemies. DSC03346

Things just got a lot more fun and relaxed around here. Let the romping continue.





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