Generations of Love


Our summer has finally slowed down so the first thing we did this week was jet over to my hometown farmers market where my daughter was delighted to see her favorite preschool teacher who makes and sells jump ropes. Of course we made one and then we waited in line to get balloon animals from the balloon guy, bought kettle corn and apple cider doughnuts. After indulging ourselves we went to Opa’s house for a little quality time. He even cooked us lunch!


After lunch my little girl’s inner popcorn demon roared its head once more so she reached up onto her tippie toes, grabbed the bag off the counter and toddled over to Opa extending the large bag to him while babbling a long string of “dada dadas” and batting her bright blue eyes. Basically at this point the old German’s heart melted into a puddle and he was like putty in her hands. She sat there in that chair next to Opa as he helped her grab piece after sweet and salty piece. It was pretty adorable. He heads back to Germany, his other home, soon so over the next week and a half we need to pack as many of these little visits in as possible.

I hope your summer is full of special little moments too!



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