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Ice pack, Telephone, Whatever


Moments ago at the grocery store my one year old was losing patience as we were checking out. Before exiting the store she noticed a large inflatable ball display. We zoomed over to it since we had some time to kill which made her a happy baby again. These balls happened to be placed by all the bargain items and I couldn’t help but notice some nice soft coolers I have been needing and some small ice blocks too. My girl immediately took to the ice blocks and started using them as telephones.

Holding them to her ear she started trying to talk to her daddy. She got a little frustrated that he wouldn’t talk back.

Silly baby! Grocery store crisis averted and a win for our picnic lunches!

“You’re My BEST Friend”


I spent the weekend with a fun group of ladies relaxing, getting pampered,DSC03345 eating and drinking to excess and playing games. It was just the sort of bachelorette weekend our soon-to-be bride was looking for and it was just the weekend I needed after a whirl-wind few months. I loved not having any responsibilities and the ability to enjoy a party put on by someone else. It was a treat to say the least and I even made some new friends in the process!

DSC03341Upon coming home I happily learned that a few other beings had become friends over the weekend.

Since the beginning of July my SIL, her boyfriend and their 7 month old Italian Mastiff, Cookie, have been shacking it up with us in our guest master bedroom. DSC03342  My almost 3 year old German Shepherd, Dragon, has not been thrilled to say the least. He’s left Cookie cowering in corners, afraid to wander throughout the house for fear of being attacked. They are both males and both fully in tact if ya know what I mean which is why Dragon was acting so territorial. It’s to be expected.

DSC03343So, needless to say I was relieved when I came home and realized they had become butt-buddies. They are now frolicking in the yard, chasing each other in circles, licking each other’s faces and butts (cause they’re dogs and gross like that) and doing all the fun things that young dogs do together once they realize it’s more fun to be friends than enemies. DSC03346

Things just got a lot more fun and relaxed around here. Let the romping continue.




Generations of Love


Our summer has finally slowed down so the first thing we did this week was jet over to my hometown farmers market where my daughter was delighted to see her favorite preschool teacher who makes and sells jump ropes. Of course we made one and then we waited in line to get balloon animals from the balloon guy, bought kettle corn and apple cider doughnuts. After indulging ourselves we went to Opa’s house for a little quality time. He even cooked us lunch!


After lunch my little girl’s inner popcorn demon roared its head once more so she reached up onto her tippie toes, grabbed the bag off the counter and toddled over to Opa extending the large bag to him while babbling a long string of “dada dadas” and batting her bright blue eyes. Basically at this point the old German’s heart melted into a puddle and he was like putty in her hands. She sat there in that chair next to Opa as he helped her grab piece after sweet and salty piece. It was pretty adorable. He heads back to Germany, his other home, soon so over the next week and a half we need to pack as many of these little visits in as possible.

I hope your summer is full of special little moments too!


Playing Like a Kid Again



Remember those dot candies on the paper where you end up eating half the paper? I do and it reminds me of my childhood and the candy store in the mall that is no longer there. It was called Mr. Bulkies. It was awesome.

Anyways, I had some leftover royal icing from some cookies and so I figured I’d make some. I first made them on wax paper but of course they fell right off once they dried. What was I thinking. Silly me. Then I grabbed a long roll of paper and tried again

Great success! Don’t you think? I packaged them up and DSC03232sent them with the cookies for my neighbor’s 16th birthday party.

DSC03243These guys were excited about eating them and making more. They had a hard time waiting for the icing to dry and ended up eating a lot of smeared icing instead of hardened dots.

DSC03240      DSC03242

Keeping in line with reliving childhood moments, I engaged in a vigorous game of Ghost in the Graveyard and Sardines with my teenage cousins after my kiddos went to bed and we had our angle food cake in the oven. It was entertaining running around, praying I would successfully avoid the poop mines that litter my yard.

If you’re clueless here, Sardines is a game where someone hides outside in the dark and then everyone else spreads out to search for them. When you find the hider you quietly pack into the hiding spot until the last person finally finds the group of sardines and then that last person becomes the new hider. As I was scrunched in a corner on my porch I heard an enthusiastic rendition of “Happy Birthday” being sung/screamed from the mouths of about 30 teenagers down the road.

DSC03239Here’s the birthday girl’s cake I doctored up for the party. My neighbors had a cake-mergency after the employee in the baking department at the grocery store wrote “Happy Birthday (Birthday Girl)” on the cake in the worst chicken scratch I have ever seen in my life. I should have taken a picture and sent it to Cake Wrecks, a blog featuring terrible cakes. I was excited that I had a chance to use up the dot candies I had made on the wax paper and some of the extra frosting and icing I had lying around.

Anyways, I guess what I’m getting at with this post is that I’ve been having a lot of fun this weekend and that all took place on Friday.

Yesterday we traveled to a friend’s house for a pool party and got to see a lot of old buddies. I was manning three kids in a pool by myself so this is the only pic I took prior to heading home. All four of us were melting down at this point but we had a blast together.DSC03254

On our drive home my boy said from the backseat in a whinny, regretful voice, “All I did today was play. I didn’t nap on their couch.”

To this his sister retorted, “What are you talking about? Playing is FUN!”

This was immediately followed by a non-whinny declaration from him, “Ooh! Two motorcycles!”

(This is probably a lot more entertaining for me to remember than for you to read about but bare with me.) I couldn’t help chuckling from the front seat and as I was smiling I heard a strange noise from the backseat. Looking in my rear-view mirror I saw my daughter wiping her nose with her hand and to my disgust I realized she had just blown her nose in her hand! Gross!

I calmly stated, “Young lady, you will NEVER do that again. I have wet wipes for that sort of thing. Just ask,” and I tossed one at her so she could clean up her snot.

Kids! I tell ya, they’re so all over the place. Then I told everyone that I thought it was best for them all to close their eyes and I’d carry them into bed when we got home. Thankfully they took my advice and I had a peaceful drive home followed by the icing on the cake which was a successful transition putting them all in their beds. This concluded a second great day of enjoying my kids and playing like one. I was exhausted!

Time to get off this computer and engage in more kid-centered activities. I hope you all are enjoying your weekend as much as I am!


Mason Jars and Laid Back Charm – A Bridal Shower Affair


My postings  have been a bit sparse lately but that’s because I’ve been busy hosting some pretty important parties. A few weeks back there was my sister’s wedding reception that I think I mentioned and then this past weekend I hosted a wedding shower for a good friend of mine. Here’s some wedding shower party highlights from a party planner’s perspective.

The sangria bar was the focal point in the beverage department. I had an idea, Googled it, found inspiration and this is what happened. I think everyone enjoyed it as much as I did and I’m happily finishing the rest of the white sangria as I type. I’d just like to note that there was suppose to be cute name tags on each jar but they wandered off from my table. I expect to find them in the kids’ toy box or in one of the dog’s poops in the yard.

DSC03199       DSC03203

DSC03200Anyways, their wedding in August is a very country-chic backyard affair so I went with a “mason jars and laid back charm” type of theme as someone on the internet so aptly called it. I kept to the theme with cute advice cards which were hung on a line, a quick little game of “Guess the Market Price” and prizes contained in jars.

DSC03202  DSC03228 DSC03217

The prizes were awarded to the winner of “The Price is Right” and to the winner of the cookie dress design contest. The third was given as a door prize of sorts to the person with the birthday closest to the wedding date.

My love for sugar cookies demanded this be part of the shower and since everyone seemed to enjoy it back in December for my sister’s wedding shower I replicated the activity for the new crowd.


The soon-to-be bride picking her favorite dress


Of course the cookies were not the only sweets. I made a chocolate-chocolate chip cake with a standard buttercream frosting and a fresh strawberry filling which was complemented by some delicious, homemade strawberry ice cream (bummed I don’t have a pic) thanks to my SIL. She also made some kick butt lasagna cups for lunch!


There were little details here and there that pulled it all together in my opinion like the cute paper that covered water bottles, utensils wrapped in napkins and tied with twine and a booklet of some of the bride’s favorite things but I was too busy enjoying the party to photograph it all.

Present bingo is played at a lot of showers while the lady of honor opens gifts. Instead, we had a little fun filling out a story, Mad-lib style, in order to come up with The Story of Lesley and John. Of course it turned out pretty silly and we all got in a few good laughs.

I just love throwing a good party, especially when the person of honor is such a great person!

Cheers to you, Lesley (and John!)


 I can’t wait to celebrate your marriage with you, boogie down and watch Lil and O perform their important duties!

Now I must sleep.