Eeny Meeny Miny…



Decisions have to get made in this household all the time as in any other, like which puzzle to put together and which pair of undies to wear (preferably a clean pair). We try to give the kids choices to minimize the amount of freak-outs and because we’re told it’s how good parents bring up their children. Lately the kids have been big into using the Eeny Meeny Miny Moe method to aid in their decision making and it’s been cracking me up as I stand back and watch the process unfold. My 5 year old does it right. She goes along with her method and accepts whichever option her pointer finger lands on. It’s my 3 year old that keeps me in quiet fits as he goes through the picking process and then just puts his pointer finger on whichever option he deems most favorable as he shouts, “Moe!”. He may as well forget about the whole Eeny Meeny Miny Moe process and go with his gut reaction to begin with, but I suppose there’s no fun in that.

Case in point:

My boy just asked for a bowl of cereal. He pulled out the three boxes in our cereal drawer and declared he was going to eat all of them but wanted to pick which one to pour in first. So he began, “Eeny…meeny…miny…moe…catch a…tiger…by his…toe..if he…hollers…let him…go…eeny…meeny…miny…” Then he paused, big blue eyes pleading with mine, to ask, “Is it okay if I cheat?” Giggling I nodded yes as he changed his finger position to his favorite cereal box of the three and declared, “Moe!”

Fruity Cheerios it is.

I loved how he so directly called himself out for cheating, something I’ve been secretly doing each time I witness his decision making process go down. He knew what he was doing and since the cheating didn’t have any consequences on anyone else I let him do his thing. Into his bowl went the Fruity Cheerios followed by Rice Krispies and then Multigrain Cheerios and the boy was happy.

Getting your cereal combination correct is a serious matter in this household!

Getting your cereal combination correct is a serious matter in this household!


Do you mix your cereals or are you a one and done sort of person? If you mix, what’s your favorite combination? Mine is Cheerios, Frosted Flakes and Cinnamon Toast Crunch.



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