Giving Him What He Really Wanted


Yesterday was Father’s Day and this guy spent the day doing exactly what he wanted…


…lounging around the pool!

We spent all day in the backyard eating, splashing around and napping. We grilled out for lunch with family and we grilled out for dinner with friends. The weather was a perfect 82 degrees and it was an unplanned, low-key day. Just the sort of day we love.

And of course, what’s Father’s Day without the classic Father’s Day gift of photos of the kids? Here are some of the pics that made it into various collages for the dads


Daddy’s three goons


Wearing her Daddy’s hat

Wearing his Daddy's boots

Wearing his Daddy’s boots

"Smoking" her Daddy's cigar

“Smoking” her Daddy’s cigar

My SIL and I spent some time putting together a collage for our wonderful father-in-law of all his grandkids wearing his glasses. The finished project was awesome and I think he really loved it. These were the pics that were included


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