Play Ball!


About two weeks ago I made some sports inspired cookies. They were super easy to make as far as decorating sugar cookies is concerned because I was just dealing with circles for the most part. I made tennis ball cookies for my last tennis class of the session and I made the baseballs for my nephew who I thought could use a little extra sweetness in his life.



Then the following week I whipped up some Summer inspired cookies for the teachers using the left over cutouts that I froze before baking from the week before. That’s planning, people! And boy does it save me time. Anyways, the suns turned out kind of cute for a late-night decorating session and the kids etched some cute cards for their teachers. We threw in a Starbucks gift card and were good to go for the last day of school.

DSC02661 DSC02662


Other sweets I’ve whipped up in the past two weeks include Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup cupcakes and pink lemonade cupcakes, neither of which I got a picture of before they were all devoured. The Reese’s were phenomenal and I liked the lemon buttercream frosting of the pink lemonade cupcake but will take a stab at a different pink lemonade cake recipe this weekend. When I find one I love I’ll share and I’ll scrounge up that Reese’s recipe too. Trust me, you’ll want that one!


The Sugar Addict



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