My Baby’s Banner Birthday Cake


Sorry, that title was a mouth full but I couldn’t help myself. I’m a goon. I know it. Let’s continue.

Last Sunday I had a spare 2 hours in the morning to whip up a cake for our impromptu birthday dinner party. This is what I came up with. It was a slop job but she doesn’t care. She’s 1! Anyways, it was a Devil’s Food cake with vanilla buttercream frosting. She didn’t hate it! And neither did anyone else.



I’ve realized that cake is much quicker to make than sugar cookies. I’m going to be investing more time into honing my cake skills I think. So, whose doorstep will I be dropping my creations off on? I also realized that I really love making banners as cake toppers. A little cute string, fun paper, letter stickers, glue and some lollipop sticks and voila! a personalized cake.

Were you wondering about the cake stand I used? Of course you were. Here are some pics of it without being covered.

     DSC02552 DSC02553


I agree! Pretty much the coolest cake stand ever. Not only is it a cake stand but it’s a decoration piece on my china buffet. Double win! My brother picked it out for me this past Christmas. It totally makes up for the fact that about 5 years ago he gave me an IOU for a pair of UIC athletic shorts and then never actually bought them for me. Way to come through, little brother! You can give me awesome gifts like this any time of the year, just to be clear. Also, I like fun sprinkles. A lot. Okay, I’m done now. I already feel myself getting carried away here.

Let’s just say good bye for now.

Good bye.


Buh Bye.





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