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Play Ball!


About two weeks ago I made some sports inspired cookies. They were super easy to make as far as decorating sugar cookies is concerned because I was just dealing with circles for the most part. I made tennis ball cookies for my last tennis class of the session and I made the baseballs for my nephew who I thought could use a little extra sweetness in his life.



Then the following week I whipped up some Summer inspired cookies for the teachers using the left over cutouts that I froze before baking from the week before. That’s planning, people! And boy does it save me time. Anyways, the suns turned out kind of cute for a late-night decorating session and the kids etched some cute cards for their teachers. We threw in a Starbucks gift card and were good to go for the last day of school.

DSC02661 DSC02662


Other sweets I’ve whipped up in the past two weeks include Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup cupcakes and pink lemonade cupcakes, neither of which I got a picture of before they were all devoured. The Reese’s were phenomenal and I liked the lemon buttercream frosting of the pink lemonade cupcake but will take a stab at a different pink lemonade cake recipe this weekend. When I find one I love I’ll share and I’ll scrounge up that Reese’s recipe too. Trust me, you’ll want that one!


The Sugar Addict


Freedom…At Least for the Kids.


School ended today. My oldest gal is now done with preschool and her brother finished his first 1/2 year of preschool.  I am sad that she will no longer be at Montessori because she excelled in that environment more than we could ever have dreamed. She is leaving that school with a love of numbers, art and nature. I couldn’t be more proud of her. I am excited for her next adventure and I hope that she transitions easily to a new way of learning. It’s off to public, full-day (YES!) kindergarten this Fall including a bus ride and lunch at school and new friends and teachers. She’s a little anxious about the unknown and sad to be leaving her teachers that she has been with for the past two years. I totally expected this from her. It’s normal.

Lilly on her first day of school Fall 2012. That’s a Grandpa Rob look if I’ve ever seen one!

What I didn’t expect was that I would turn into a blubbering mess upon picking her up from her last day of preschool. I’d like to admit here that I also cried dropping her off for the first time so I shouldn’t have been so off guard. Oh well, I guess that’s parenting for you. This Fall it will be interesting seeing how everyone adjusts to the new school routine. It’s not just Lil that will experience new things.

O on his first day after turning 3.

O on his first day after turning 3.

O will experience preschool without the comfort of having his big sister walk him to class every day and hang up his backpack. He’ll become more independent, confident and self-sufficient (I hope) which is something he could use as he tends to depend on his sister (A classic mother hen) and myself more than he really needs to but I suppose part of that is my doing.

Today on their last day before Summer vacation.

Today on their last day before Summer vacation.

Now it’s Summer time (let’s forget for a moment that it topped out at 52 degrees today) and the kids have all this freedom in the morning, at least in theory. But let’s be real, my freedom just came to a screeching halt. Errands will be a lot more…fun…with my three in tow but hey, that’s the name of the game for us. It’s all good. And really, I’ve got our summer already scheduled. Summer school for the soon-to-be kindergartener with a love of numbers, tennis for me, gymnastics for them both, maybe a cooking or music class for O (the only park district classes for a 3-year-old where a parent doesn’t have to attend) and lots of visiting of family and friends, swimming in the pool, baking, bike riding, zoo adventures and farmers markets. Ahhh, Summer time! Let the crazy continue.

I thrive on crazy.

And caffeine.



My Baby’s Banner Birthday Cake


Sorry, that title was a mouth full but I couldn’t help myself. I’m a goon. I know it. Let’s continue.

Last Sunday I had a spare 2 hours in the morning to whip up a cake for our impromptu birthday dinner party. This is what I came up with. It was a slop job but she doesn’t care. She’s 1! Anyways, it was a Devil’s Food cake with vanilla buttercream frosting. She didn’t hate it! And neither did anyone else.



I’ve realized that cake is much quicker to make than sugar cookies. I’m going to be investing more time into honing my cake skills I think. So, whose doorstep will I be dropping my creations off on? I also realized that I really love making banners as cake toppers. A little cute string, fun paper, letter stickers, glue and some lollipop sticks and voila! a personalized cake.

Were you wondering about the cake stand I used? Of course you were. Here are some pics of it without being covered.

     DSC02552 DSC02553


I agree! Pretty much the coolest cake stand ever. Not only is it a cake stand but it’s a decoration piece on my china buffet. Double win! My brother picked it out for me this past Christmas. It totally makes up for the fact that about 5 years ago he gave me an IOU for a pair of UIC athletic shorts and then never actually bought them for me. Way to come through, little brother! You can give me awesome gifts like this any time of the year, just to be clear. Also, I like fun sprinkles. A lot. Okay, I’m done now. I already feel myself getting carried away here.

Let’s just say good bye for now.

Good bye.


Buh Bye.