Backyard Park


I’m pretty sure my MIL’s goal is to fund a neighborhood park. This park is located in my backyard and it just recently expanded.


See that dome on the left? Yeah, that’s new. My girly turned 5 and this was her present from her Grandma. The large play set next to it was acquired on her 3rd birthday. The little house was acquired as a “thanks for accepting me as your new sister” gift when my youngest was born last year. Their grandma thought it was a silly sibling gift and I wasn’t about to object. The thing has a doorbell for goodness sake! Oh, and that little one sitting in the front right of the play area was where we started. That was Lilly’s very first play set from her Grandma. At this rate I’m a bit worried as to where we’re going to end up but wherever that may be I’m comforted knowing we upped our insurance coverage!


Of course, the first day after their dad assembled the dome it poured all darn day. Obviously the rain didn’t impede their fun. Little man did  have to snag some buckets to help himself get up after I turned down his request for assistance. I’m sure I told him I had to tend to his baby sister or something. She’s still a good excuse to get out of unfavorable activities like climbing in the cold rain.

DSC02334My boy was much happier to climb in the rain once I mentioned to the kids that their snow gear would keep them a bit less soaked. I also mentioned that a rain jacket would help but my daughter doesn’t yet care about nappy, wet hair so she continued her outdoor exploration without one as I watched from inside and laughed.

The above pic was taken as she was coming inside after a solid 30 minutes of rainy day fun mastering the new dome at our backyard park.

“You’re soaked!” I said laughing as I snapped the picture.

“It’s just a little water, Mom!” she replied.

Have you played in the rain lately? Looks like fun, doesn’t it!?!


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