Those Darn Babies!


Just as my mother did for me in the wee hours of the morning, I find myself doing the same for my daughter. That is, I find myself sandwiched between my husband and my wiggle worm at 0 dark 30 in the morning.

When the Sun was properly over the horizon I woke my sleeping beauty and asked her why it was that she was in my bed and not in the tent she insisted I help her make and that she sleep in. She so candidly stated that, “It’s ’cause my babies just like, wouldn’t stop crying. I even yelled at them 13 times but they wouldn’t stop. *Deep sigh*” Then she just stared at me like this was a real and frustrating situation instead of a product of her imagination.

I just stared back and then cracked up because, really, if I had 9 babies that wouldn’t shut up after incessant yelling I would run to a place of comfort too. But that would probably be my fridge for that bottle of wine. It’s a good thing there aren’t 9 real babies living here. My daughter would be sleep deprived and I’d be drunk.


This was my son's fort. No babies waking him. Hell, he hardly wakes when he pees himself!


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