Gearing Up For Easter


We’ve been gearing up for Easter since this past Sunday.

First we pulled out all our Easter Décor. This included tons of stuffed bunnies and empty plastic eggs. It took all of about 2 minutes for it to look as if Easter threw up all over my down stairs. Great success!


Then we celebrated Easter with our Great Grammy. We brought some sugar cookies for her and she got the kids Easter baskets and an outfit. I made sure she got Odin a sweater vest because all little boys should be forced to wear sweater vests until they ask to wear something else.  I know that at least their Aunt Pierce agrees since she’s the one who started this tradition/torture.


Did I mention sugar cookies? Of course I did! What’s a holiday without festive sugar cookies? We pumped out almost 20 dozen sugar cookies earlier this week. 15 dozen went to work with one of my neighbors and the rest have been doled out to doting grandparents and visitors.


I must not forget to show you the real Easter eggs we made. I’m not sure which ones I like best, the sugar cookie eggs or the real ones. We tried something new this year and used Cool Whip and food dye to create these awesome eggs. I’ll post more about this process soon. It was so easy and fun and out of the ordinary.


I’m lacking photographs of the water colored paper eggs, mocked Easter egg hunts and arguments over where the damn Spring window clings should be placed (A certain 5 year old and myself did not see eye-to-eye on this matter and it had nothing to do with the fact that she’s 2 feet shorter than me.)

We still have a community egg hunt tomorrow we are looking forward to and of course Easter itself. And probably a little more baking. I just can’t help myself! It’s a problem.

Anyways, I hope you’re having as much fun as we are gearing up for Easter.




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