Excuse me?


The other day I was going about my business and my daughter says to me, “What’re ya lookin’ at, you big moose?”

I did a double take and stopped in my tracks. Really? Had I just been called a moose by my five year old? Based on the smug smile on her face I had not misheard her.


So I said, “Moose! Moose? Did you just call me a moose? Normally you shouldn’t call a lady a moose. It’s not a very flattering thing to say.”

“Mom! It’s from Bambi II. Relax.” Then she went into an explanation all about how the porcupine stares at Bambi’s dad and recites the line that I had just been insulted with. And she said it in an exasperated tone as if I should have known this the whole time. I swear she’s 5 going on 15.

Later I was trying on an outfit or something and asked Lilly how I looked.

Her response, “I didn’t want to have to be the one to tell you this but,… it’s pretty gross!”

“What! Pretty gross?” I gasped in mock surprise as I turned around.

Immediately she back-peddled with another explanation, “It’s what Thumper says to Bambi after he gets thorns stuck in his butt from the porcupine and Bambi sticks his butt towards Thumper and asked, “How does it look?”.”


Well then, I suppose if it’s a Disney inspired insult it’s okay. Sort of. Not really at all.

I’m going to go eat a sugar cookie to console myself because I just realized that all too soon she’ll be coming up with her own insults






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