My Baby Girl Turns 5!


Today my oldest girl turned 5. 5! Gee wiz. Technically she’s not 5 for another hour or so. She really made me work to bring her into this world but those two days of labor were well worth the wait!

She’s beautiful and sassy, and loving and funny.

She enjoys peanut butter waffles, horses, crafting and adores being a big sister.


Let’s not scrutinize the cake. I had 1 1/2 hours to assemble and everything and it was my first time working with homemade fondant. Plus there may have been a screaming baby in the background… She loved it though!

The past 5 days have been filled with various birthday celebrations. A princess tea party birthday party, a Beauty and the Beast musical, mani/pedis and birthday brunch were some of the highlights.

Today she enjoyed her day at preschool and then at home where she anxiously waited until the afternoon to arrive at which point we went to her favorite place on earth. Monkey Joe’s!



A few friends joined us to bounce the afternoon away, eat some pizza and basically just go buck wild. For those of you who have wandered across this blog and don’t know what Monkey Joe’s is let me fill you in. Basically, it’s a child’s dream come true. It’s a place where inflatable play structures abound. Bouncing, sliding, climbing and tackling (technically frowned upon but whatever) are the main objectives here. Well, that and harassing one’s parent for tokens to play the games and food and drinks from the concession stand.  Pretty standard stuff here but also pretty wonderful if you’re a kid. Heck, it’s pretty fun even if you’re an adult who has to cart around a child who isn’t yet old enough to tackle the inflatable awesomeness alone though it’s more fun if you’re an adult who can kick back while your kids run along and play. So any ways, that’s how Lilly wanted to spend her birthday so that’s what we did.


Right before bed, when we were all assembled back at home, we sang her “Happy Birthday” and ate some cake. Then the kids passed out despite the increase in sugar in their systems. It had been a long day.

I desperately want to pass out too but I’ve got a list of things to do before I ditch my family in just over 24 hours for my sister’s destination wedding. Blogging was not on that list. Whatever. Priorities people!

Happy Birthday to by beautiful girl!

Cheers 🙂


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    • Thanks! Years ago I took a Wilton cake decorating class and since then it’s been trial and error. I have a friend who makes fantastic cakes so I get inspiration and advice from her sometimes.

      • A basic class is a great place to start. You’ll end up having to buy all the start up materials if you don’t have it already but I consider it an investment in all the delicious creations to come.

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