The Beginnings of a Crazy Cookie Lady


I feel like I’ve become a crazy cookie lady. This doesn’t mean I’m churning out cookies all the time because, let’s be real, I’m a busy house wife and stuff but I’m constantly thinking, “I’d really like to make _(name)_ some cookies for _(occasion)_.” If I had a surplus of time I don’t think my kitchen would ever be without butter and powdered sugar smearing my counters. Maybe when I’m older I’ll be that crazy old cookie lady who the neighbor kids visit in hopes of snagging a quick treat. But that’s a long time off.

As for now, today my SIL turns 19 so I sent her some cookies. Happy Birthday, Pierce! I’m sure she’ll read this post before receiving the package so I suppose I’m just teasing her now. They’re on their way!



The rest of the cookies in the batch look like this:

DSC01352 DSC01351

I love decorating and learning what ideas pan out and what ideas really don’t. The great thing about cookies is that even if my designs don’t turn out great they’re still tasty.

Lastly, here are some I made for my sister’s welcome bags for her destination wedding:









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