New Food Favorites


I follow a few food blogs and always see lots of delicious treats and meals I want to make. I take note of them and sometimes bookmark the recipe or website to reference at a later date but then I usually fail to follow through and make it because I’m lazy, or more truthfully I just don’t plan ahead most nights.

I’m always happy when I do follow through and make a dish and I’m even happier when that dish is devoured by all. Recently I made two recipes on my list. They are quick and easy and delicious. It’s a no brainer. Give ’em a try.

For dinner I made these Mini Taco Cups from Mel’s Kitchen Café and then when my friends came over later in the evening I made them even smaller as an appetizer.

All you need to do is take a biscuit cutter or round cookie cutter and cut out circles from large flour tortillas, tuck them into muffin tins, add your meat and cheese, bake and top with your favorite toppings and voila, a satisfying meal or snack.  Make them for your next family taco night or get together. Everyone will be happy you did.

For dessert, I recommend serving some layered chocolate peanut butter pretzel fudge.

I’m a sucker for any chocolate peanut butter combo and when you add a little salt and crunch from pretzels, really, is there any resisting? Now I would have made the entire recipe from Sprinkle Bakes but I didn’t have the fudge ingredients on hand and waking a sleeping baby to go get peanut butter chips and maple extract would have been a bit extreme so I improvised and substituted Brown Eyed Baker’s peanut butter fudge instead. Next time I’d like to try the maple peanut butter version in the original recipe from Sprinkle Bakes but my substitution was quite palatable per my family and friends.

Fudge doesn’t have to be something you wait and get once a year from the county fair!

Here’s a tip to make things even quicker for ya: Use your microwave! Don’t be intimidated that you might burn the melting chocolate or whatever, just keep a close eye on it just like you would if you were using the stove. It’s a real time saver.

So there you have it. Two recipes. One savory. One sweet. I hope  you’ll give ’em a shot. Bookmark them for sure but don’t forget about them!

Happy cooking




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