“I Love This One”


My oldest lass was flipping through her photos on her camera while I made dinner. There are like 173 photos on that memory card and maybe 5 are worth saving, in my opinion. The rest are blurred or the subject is too close or far away or there is a finger obscuring half the photo. Anyways, as I was cooking, she walked over after exclaiming with incredible sincerity, “I love this one,” and showed me the picture. It was one that I would have deleted although it was one of the most clear. It was a picture of me. A morning shot before makeup or a hair brush. Just me in my bath robe and a bit too zoomed in for my taste but she loved it.

Truthfully, she rocked me to my core a little. In a good way.

I love this one from yesterday.


After 2 years of waiting for good snow we were able to make another snowman. His name? Frosty, of course.

She melts my heart.

Frosty better keep his distance or he’ll end up a puddle. She has a lot of love to give.


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