Three Year Olds Can Too Rhyme


Let me share with you a snippet of my day.

This afternoon, as I was winding up the vacuum cord, my 3 year old comes over to me and enthusiastically states, “Ball and car rhyme!”

As I knelt there on the floor looking straight into his bright blue eyes I had to correct him and said something like, “No, buddy, ball and car do not rhyme. They have different ending sounds…” blah blah blah.


“Yes dey do rhyme!” he objected. “Baw and caw!”

And then it hit me. Yes, ball and car do rhyme. They rhyme when you are a three year old kid that can’t always properly pronounce your consonants and the ‘w’ sound is your defalt! Ball becomes Baw and Car becomes Caw and Mommy becomes a dope. Or at least seems like one until she makes you recite your words properly and then she just becomes a pain in the ass who is keeping you from playing with your ball and car. I’m pretty certain I’m accurate about this last part.

I also think I just started talking about myself in the third person.

Well, that just means it’s time for Mommy to go to bed.



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