My Old Man Dog


DSC01185Here’s Doc, my old man dog. He’s a goon and has taken to napping on the couch and my bed when I leave. I know this because his fur is everywhere but that’s because he doesn’t get brushed very often. My bad.

A few days ago I dragged the kids and dogs out back behind our house for an hour traipse through the woods and such. We had fun mostly until our toes, ears and hands chilled and the thought of watching a movie was more appealing. The dogs certainly enjoyed wandering around and not listening to me at all, especially Doc. I’ve determined that Doc, at ten years of age, is going deaf. I yell for him and his ears don’t even turn in my direction. I call his name in the house and he just lays there on his doggie bed zoned out. This may,  in fact, be selective hearing at its best but it too may be that he’s aging.


This picture made me grin when I took it after our walk. He didn’t even move as I hovered around him. He’s really going grey around the eyes.


And these are his huge paws that he never grew into. When he was a puppy we thought he was going to be huge. He weighs in at about 65 pounds which isn’t small by any means but he was probably the runt mutt. My 3 year old son has hands that look too large for his body. I call them his puppy paws and I’m wondering if he’s going to be as tall as my brothers’ 6’3” height or closer to his dad’s height that topped out just under 6′. Only time will tell.


Doc eventually realized I was sitting on the floor so he dragged his tired self over to me and snuggled in to resume his nap.


Of course, soon after Doc repositioned himself Dragon came over to interrupt his peace.

I’m certainly going to miss my furry nuisance when he’s gone. For now I will enjoy our quick snuggles before they get interrupted and bring a leash on our walks to keep him with me when we get near the houses.



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