Physically Assaulted with Love


I have a beautiful four year old with a lot of love to give.


As it happens, the way she feels the need to show her love is by jumping (typically knees first), climbing and hanging on those she is loving on. Being close to 45 pounds, this enthusiastic display of love often ends up with the recipient yelping in pain from a knee to the kidney, an arm choked around the neck, hair being pulled, nose being bumped or some other minor body injury. It makes me chuckle thinking about it now (as she is laying peacefully in bed) but in the midst of being assaulted it drives me wild. I’m not big on pain. I suppose she’s just an aggressive lover though. Beware future boyfriends! AHAHA! I’ve started showing her love the way she gives it, by tackling her to the ground and smothering her with kisses. It’s actually kind of fun and it’s obviously important to me that she knows just how much I love her. Maybe by showing my love for her the way she shows her love for other people will help her to always remember how fiercely I love her.  So what I’m saying is, go physically assault someone with your love. It just might be the best thing for them. Just watch out for their sensitive spots. You know what I’m saying…

Happy lovin’!


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