Fair Point Well Made


“Mom, when are we ever going to have a sno-cone again?” asks my four year old prior to dinner tonight. “Can we have one tonight?” she urges.

“Um, I don’t know,” I respond as I crack an egg.

“That pretty much means no.”

“Yeah, usually,” I sigh. The girl has me pegged and I feel the need to elaborate, ” But Lil, you may not have had a sno-cone lately but you have had cupcakes, cookies, chocolate, ice cream and a ton of other sugary stuff.”

I thought I was coming out on top of this discussion. Then she said, “Yeah, but Mom, everybody gives it to us!”

I felt that was a pretty fair argument. And really, I’m the fat ass who has been eating all the Christmas cookies in the house. Just because I feel sick to my stomach, doesn’t mean the kids have had a lot of crap too.

So this was dessert. Served in the shower.


I see the debate team in my daughter’s future.


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