Place Your Bets!


Only a 25-40% chance of snow by Christmas, you say? Beetee says, “No worries. Mashmallows will suffice for my snowball fight!” So who do you think will win in this matchup?

The contenders:

Two Jolly Snowmen— 004

and one Wild Thing—


Vs.  one rather mischevious elf—




The jury is still out on this one. Maybe in the morning a winner will prevail. We’ll have to wait and see what the kiddos think!



As for me, it’s WAY past my bedtime. Why I’m up staging these antics at this hour of the night is surely due to the few glasses of wine I was forced to consume at my annual neighborhood book social club’s ornament exchange. The holidays are rough, aren’t they? HA! Anyways, the cookies and bon bons are made and ready to go for my morning Christmas cookie exchange at my MIL’s. I’d better go get some beauty rest. I need it!

Cheers, people.



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  1. OMG. You are amazing. We are serious slackers in our house! Not to mention, my dogs would eat the marshmallows and then the stuffed animals just for good measure! Great Job Momma!

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