Say, “Poop!”


It’s December. Time to get the ball rolling on a dang Christmas card! Today I put the kids in whatever they were willing to wear and tried to take a photo of the three of them that I could send out to the masses. I got the older two excited about taking pictures with a little toilet humor before going outside. Throw out the words poop and pee to kids and they giggle on the spot. I figured that would be a good strategy for a photosession.

Anyways, here’s how we fared:

First shot of the shoot: Ela wearing reindeer antlers and happy = win; other kids and angle of the shot = fail.


Fourth shot of the shoot: My boy looks good = win; everyone else = fail.


My toilet bowl humor strategy was short lived. Ela quickly got upset over the loud shouts of “POOP!” and “POOPY!” that were coming from the clowns to her left and right. Obvious fail.


We changed locations to cheer up the baby. Poo and Pee shouts continued which resulted in many pictures with these puckered mouths instead of big smiles. In the future, I think I’ll be more careful with the words I choose to make them happy…


Of course, when Ela smiles for me her brother is oblivious. Who gave him the bells to hold anyways? Oh yeah, that was me. Fail.


And there were certainly many of these histerical looks bogging up my memory card. I can’t help but crack up when I look at him. Obvious win!


And this my friends, photo #41, was the best one out of the 101 photos taken. The baby is missing a skirt and my boy may look like a dog chewing on a beloved toy but they are all looking at the camera with pleasant expressions. I wasn’t satisfied though so I kept snapping away.


I’m glad I did because I captured these eyebrows on my oldest. Wow! She gets those from her grandpa, a.k.a: Coach.




After that look from Lil I knew it was time to move on. She wanted to take some pics in the backyard so I followed. Not Christmas card worthy but at least the older two are having a good time. They were laughing at my nose. Jerks.


Of course they wanted to take a picture in the cooler that was drying out. If only Ela was in it I’d send it, cooler and all. Since she’s not present I’m essentially SOL for the day on our Christmas card.


Oh well, at least I have pics like these to enjoy!


So, even though our Christmas card still doesn’t exist, I’m counting this session as an overall win.



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