Keeping Hungry Fiends at Bay


It wasn’t peas this time that had my 2 year old upset about dinner but rather plain old spaghetti. It was past 5pm, the kid was whining about being hungry as the noodles were cooking so I did what I could to save my sanity without ruining his appetite. I gave him a partially cooked noodle from the pot and had him throw it at the refrigerator where it stuck.


Voila! The whining ceased as his hunger was forgotten and squeals of annoyance turned to squeals of delight. His older sister was quick to join in on the antics too.

I quickly finished dinner leaving the noodles really long for a fun and messy meal.


It was all fun and games until Odin choked at which point I cut his into tiny pieces he could handle. Choking aside, I’m counting this experience as a parenting win. What fun have you cooked up lately or in the past to deal with a whining child?


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