Trimming the Tree—Times Three!


Well, my pants are a bit more snug than when this long holiday stretch started and I’m a bit wiped out but it was a great Thanksgiving weekend filled with old traditions, good food and quality time spent with loved ones. Oh, and some work. Because if you don’t think trimming and decorating three Christmas trees in one day is work, well, then I’m not sure you’ve ever done it.

Part of our Thanksgiving weekend tradition is to cut down our Christmas tree with my mom and my in-laws. In years past we have spent over 1 1/2 hours searching acre upon acre for those ‘perfect’ trees. There have been melt downs from adults and children alike, frozen toes and snotty noses but we love this tradition and look forward to it every year.

So to Grandpa’s Christmas Tree Farm we went.


And in record time (about 25 minutes) we had three perfect trees cut and ready to haul home, a sleeping baby, just one frozen child (My boy really doesn’t like the cold) and smiles still intact.

I count that as a win!


We left Grandpa’s and took my mom’s tree to her place where the day before we had helped her (on the coldest day of the year so far) hang up her Christmas lights outside. I’ll post more about her lights later. It’s quite the chore but totally worth it.

Of course her tree was 2+ feet too tall so we had to hack it down a bit. Here she is goading my husband about his manliness and being told to bugger off.

45 minutes later we were on to my in-laws’ house to set up their tree. Some lunch was had, lights and ornaments were put up and 2 1/2 hours after arrival we were on our way home to set up our tree.

By the time we were home my baby was in need of another nap and I guess I was too because I passed out while “laying down for just a moment”. When I was woken by my husband 25 minutes later my tree had been set up. I wonder… If I allow myself to pass out more often, will any other chores get completed?… Yeah, you’re right. This ain’t no fairytale.

A bit later we hung the lights then decorated our tree prior to sending the kids off to bed by 7pm. It was a full day gearing up for Christmas. And then we ditched our sleeping kids on Aunt Baret and went Christmas Shopping.

Are you ready for the Christmas season yet or are you still nursing that Thanksgiving hangover? In this household it’s full steam ahead!

H0! H0! H0! Y’all!


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