Family of Five


A family of five kids. That’s what I was playing at yesterday. Since that’s the number of kids we aspire to I figured it’d be good practice. A friend of mine let me borrow her two boys yesterday afternoon  so I packed them into my car and off we went.


I took the kids to an open gym and they played together the entire hour, running,
Jumping and burying themselves in the pit. Can you see all four kids?


We went done playing when open gym ended so i hauled the little hooligans to the new Chic-Filet in our town for a little ice cream treat and some more play time in the kid play area.


The kids had a blast and they were as well behaved as little people can be. I was amused by all the looks I got from people in the restaurant assuming that the 5 kids I was corralling were my own. It was good practice and turned out to be very doable. Call me crazy but I’d do it again!


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