“We’re Just Trying to Get Happy”


There are certain days when my kids disappear in the house and they are quiet. I know they’re most likely up to no good but because I’m not being badgered I continue what I’m doing and figure I’ll go check on them in a bit. If they’re up to something mischevious chances are they’ve already made the mess so why not let them play a bit longer before I ruin their fun and my quiet time.

So this afternoon the older two disappeared while I was feeding their sister and searching for Halloween costume ideas. I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into Lilly’s room and they were crafting. They were both coloring nicely although little man made a bit of a mess and marked her carpet a little. I sent them downstairs so I could put their sis down for a nap and when I came down they were on the iPad, of course. I’m pretty sure they have iPad radar built in.

As I walked into the room, my 2 year old gave me a guilty look (because they didn’t ask first) and pointed at the iPad saying, “Look…”

I shrugged as I started picking up toys and said, “I don’t care. I’m just trying to get some stuff done.”

To that comment his older and wittier sister said so matter-of-factly, “We’re just trying to get happy.”

I couldn’t help chuckling and then I had to ask, “Is it working?”

“Yup,” was her curt, content reply as she turned her attention away from me and back to the glowing screen.


If that exchange didn’t entertain you maybe the fact that a boxelder bug pooped on my foot as I was sitting on the couch will make you grin. It was crawling on my ceiling. It is now dead. We have so many of these pests it’s ridiculous. I squish them left and right all the while getting reprimanded by my 4 year old for killing them instead of just putting them outside. I’m just going to put her outside with the thousands of bugs if she keeps on me like this.

I think it’s time to bake some cookies. That’ll make me happy!



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