Fall Fun – Post 2


I think you’re catching on to the fact that I love the Fall. In addition to the beautiful colors and sweatshirt weather that Fall brings, it’s also the kick-off to the holiday season marathon that, in my world, spans from the beginning of October through the first week in January. Since it’s only the middle of October I’m still full of this Fall/holiday excitement. I did, however, make a promise to myself that this year I was going to slow down a bit so that I’m not limping to the finish of my percieved holiday marathon that is my son’s birthday. We’ll see how it goes. I’m not good at the whole slowing down thing.

Fall doesn’t seem like the right time to be slowing down.

A couple weekends back we took a couple neighbor kids with us to the world’s largest corn maze that featured 4 separate but adjoining mazes on 33 acres. It took us quite a while to find all 24 hidden checkpoints but with the enthusiasm and over confidence from the older kids and some snacks we made it all the way through.

More fall fun took place at a farm and market not too far from our house. They have a fall fest through the month of October that we love. There is just so much for the kdis to do that we could spend countless hours there. After 2 1/2 hours I had to drag them home.


The large inflatable train was a  huge hit and even my 1 year old nephew rocked it. The kids would go in and hang out on the slide until we made them come back out. That alone was worth admission. They also enjoyed a huge spider web, hay bale pile and corn pit.


 There were also a lot of painted wooden characters. My kids chose the ugliest one to take a picture in front of. It’s Humpty Dumpty I think. It frightens me. But may be that’s it’s purpose since it’s the month of Halloween…


Yesterday we had a lot of friends over to paint pumpkins. It’s an activity we do every year and the kids really seem to enjoy it.


For the play date I made some no-bake Pumpkin Oatmeal Balls (http://chocolatecoveredkatie.com/2012/08/20/no-bake-pumpkin-oatmeal-cookies/). I dipped them in some melted white chocolate and they were gobbled up.

(This picture is borrowed from chocolate covered katie’s website because we ate them before i thought to snap a photo.)

And one final activity the kids enjoyed was making this

We’re on our way to a very happy Halloween! Now if I would just get their costumes sorted out…


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