Fall Fun – post 1


We’ve been busy having fun some good quality fall fun. Let me catch you up to speed…


At the beginning of the month we took Opa (the kids’ great grandpa) on a hike and enjoyed all the different colors on the trees and prairie grasses. I let the kids lead the way and we ended up going all the way around the park (much to their dismay) which took us over an hour. That’s a long walk for those little legs! They did pretty well but were certainly pooped making the rest of the day… challenging.





After the walk we ended up at the playground where Ela woke up and was ready to play. This was her second time on the swings. It’s safe to say she loves them.








Two days earlier we went to a barnyard zoo where Ela had her first swing experience. Her mouth never closed. Anyone else agree that her facial structure, shadows and expression here sort of makes her resemble that creepy black and white mask from Scream? By the way, I hate masks. They’re terrible. Ugh! I’m getting creeped out just thinking about people in masks.

Babies. Let’s get back to babies. They’re not really creepy and they don’t wear masks. I love this baby. She’s so sweet and she’s mine and that makes me happy.




So anyways, at this zoo there were some animals. E-I-E-I-O.



We first encountered the goats. They were crazy, aggressive and just the beginning of the silly animals we were to find.



We soon came upon the Donkeys. Please notice the donkey laying down. I pretty much thought he was toast. He eventually got his lazy butt up off the ground but man was I concerned for a bit. I think Lil even asked me if he was dead.


After the donkeys we came upon this creature. I think it’s a sheep. A nutty, possessed sheep that kind of resembles the dog that is currently residing at my SIL’s house. Also a strange creature.


Across the way from the sheep was this fella. Just great. What more can I say?



All these animals were really entertaining to look at and feed. They were so aggressive trying to get the food from the kids and they loved it. The best part for me was that unlike going to a large zoo where the stroller is necessary for carting kids from one exhibit to another, this is a small zoo and the animals are all close together.




And then, just when I thought I had seen all the silly animals this zoo had to offer I ran into these hooligans…



And my barnyard zoo experience was complete!

We’ve had a lot more fall fun that I’ll share soon.






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