A Bedtime Story


We spent this past Sunday at my inlaws house as we do most Sundays now that it’s football season and we don’t have cable. At one point in the day, probably after I had rolled my eyes at my daughter and said something like Ugh! 4 year olds!, my dad-in-law said, “Enjoy her at 4. She’ll only be 4 once.” Those words really struck a chord and I feel like I’ve been looking at my kids a little differently these days. I’m try not to hurry through the moments too much if ya know what I mean.

Anyways, the reason for this post was….

Oh yes. I wanted to share a little bedtime story with you:

I was snuggling my little lady tonight, enjoying my last few moments with her before the end of her day. I was holding her while we laid in bed and I asked her, “Will you always want me to snuggle you?”

I was thinking, like, 10 years down the road when she’s 14. Will my teenager still want her mom to snuggle her? Will I even still be liked by my teenage daughter?

Her reply, “I don’t know. Do 5 year olds still snuggle their moms?”

I had to chuckle at the near-sightedness and sincerety of her answer.

To this I could only reply, “Well, I’ve never had a 5 year old so I’m not sure, but I really hope you’ll still want me to snuggle you.”


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  1. I wish a lifetime of abundant snuggles with all of your babies. I just sighed as I snuggled with my Jess last week…one last time until December was all I could think. When did you all get so old? It isn’t fair but am very grateful that I somehow managed to raise a house filled with snugglers. Couldn’t imagine my life without them and love it when Ben crawls up into my lap, pushes my kindle aside and says “it is time for a good snuggle now, Grandma!” And I happily oblige him!

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