A Day Dad Would Have Loved


We went to the city a week and a half ago to participate in the American Heart Association’s Heart Walk in Chicago. We walked in honor of Grandpa Frank (my dad), on his birthday, and it was an awesome way to celebrate his memory.



We walked with my brother, cousin and friend. This pic is as good as it gets! Ha! What a bunch of hooligans.







They had some cool photo opps.



Are you wondering why Lilly isn’t in this picture?…






…It’s because she was on the ground, protesting. She hates participating in photo opps. Especially when I really want her to. So I let her lay there as all the people walking by laughed with at me.




After the walk we showed the kids Millennium Park.

We saw the brick face fountains. They’re pretty neat. Faces are projected onto the wall and water spits out their mouths. My kids were more impressed with the little green bugs swimming in the water than with the water feature itself. Figures.


After 10 minutes of being man-handled, the green bug flew away and left my boy in hysterics (not the good kind).  What can I say, the kids loves bugs.

Then we showed them the bean or the Cloud Gate as it’s properly called but not referred to as such.





The kids thought the bean was amazing. Scratch that. Odin thought the bean was amazing. Lilly just thought hanging out with herself at the base of the bean was amazing. After some time Odin followed suit. Lil would have stayed there all day talking to herself if I would have let her. To her disappointment I did not.




We then found a secluded playground where I could nurse Ela. And where Odin could pee down the slide. That was cool…

My brother and I then decided it was time to drive to Jim’s. Most blue collar workers in Chicago speak fondly of Jim’s or at least know of the place. It’s a dive joint just off the on-ramp to the expressway at Roosevelt and Halsted by UIC (my alma mater). My dad loved the place and would sneak away when we had swim meets at the UIC Natatorium for a hotdog. This is why we just had to make a token trip there for a hotdog, a pork chop sandwich and fries.


Seriously though, I don’t know why he loved the place so much. I think it’s gross. But on that day, I loved every bite.

It was a day spent smiling, enjoying each others company, eating, people watching, sight seeing and remembering.

Basically a day Dad would have loved.

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