Back in the Day


Back in the day when my husband and I were dating I use to do things for him. Well, I still do things for him (a lot actually) but I use to do really nice things like rub his feet willingly, fold the laundry promtly and shave regularly because I just loved him so much. Mind you, I still love him SO MUCH but, ya know, time changes things. Now we barter for foot rubs, he’s lucky to have a shirt that’s not wrinkled and let’s not talk about the frequency of my shaving (I was a swimmer afterall and he knew what he was getting…!)

Anyways, I also use to make him chocolate covered strawberries. As it happens, the guy loves them. I use to make them for him a bunch when we were first dating, a whopping 10 years ago, when I was smitten and felt compelled to woo him. So tonight, as we were hanging out (him on the iPad playing Stack the States and me blogging, both drinking beers though) we were missing something sugary and delcious.  We already consumed 3 chocolate covered angle food cakes this week! All of a sudden I found myself melting chocolate and dipping strawberries that desperately needed to be eaten and voila, our sweet tooths were satisfied.

(You’re kidding yourself if you think this is what my chocolate covered strawberries actually looked like tonight!)

Then we reminisced about the good ol’ days before kids when we were both a little lighter, a little leaner and a little less worse for wear. Actually, let’s be real, I’m the only one that reminisced. He was busy trying not to suck at Stack the States while racing me in the consumption of chocolate covered strawberries.

Remember when you use to do all that lovey-dovey stuff? Still doing it? I hope so!

Cheers, people!

**Update: He totally lost in the eating race. I’m a pro when it comes to eating sugary goodness. I practice daily. Just thought you should know, I’m no sissy.


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