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There Were Three in a Bed and the Little One Said, “Roll Over! Roll Over!”


Then she did! I think she surprised herself:

(Her brother was excited for her and then felt it necessary to show his little sis how he can roll over too. Cute kid!)

My little girly seems equally as surprised by my orange carving skills. It’s a cute little jack-o-lantern out of an orange, don’t ya think?

The fun never ends!

Say Cheese!


Trying to get a decent picture of the three kids is like pulling teeth. I have yet to get a great one but I’ve gotten these:









And they crack me up so I’ll take ’em. Love my goons!



And they love eachother.


I hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

“We’re Just Trying to Get Happy”


There are certain days when my kids disappear in the house and they are quiet. I know they’re most likely up to no good but because I’m not being badgered I continue what I’m doing and figure I’ll go check on them in a bit. If they’re up to something mischevious chances are they’ve already made the mess so why not let them play a bit longer before I ruin their fun and my quiet time.

So this afternoon the older two disappeared while I was feeding their sister and searching for Halloween costume ideas. I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into Lilly’s room and they were crafting. They were both coloring nicely although little man made a bit of a mess and marked her carpet a little. I sent them downstairs so I could put their sis down for a nap and when I came down they were on the iPad, of course. I’m pretty sure they have iPad radar built in.

As I walked into the room, my 2 year old gave me a guilty look (because they didn’t ask first) and pointed at the iPad saying, “Look…”

I shrugged as I started picking up toys and said, “I don’t care. I’m just trying to get some stuff done.”

To that comment his older and wittier sister said so matter-of-factly, “We’re just trying to get happy.”

I couldn’t help chuckling and then I had to ask, “Is it working?”

“Yup,” was her curt, content reply as she turned her attention away from me and back to the glowing screen.


If that exchange didn’t entertain you maybe the fact that a boxelder bug pooped on my foot as I was sitting on the couch will make you grin. It was crawling on my ceiling. It is now dead. We have so many of these pests it’s ridiculous. I squish them left and right all the while getting reprimanded by my 4 year old for killing them instead of just putting them outside. I’m just going to put her outside with the thousands of bugs if she keeps on me like this.

I think it’s time to bake some cookies. That’ll make me happy!


Fall Fun – Post 2


I think you’re catching on to the fact that I love the Fall. In addition to the beautiful colors and sweatshirt weather that Fall brings, it’s also the kick-off to the holiday season marathon that, in my world, spans from the beginning of October through the first week in January. Since it’s only the middle of October I’m still full of this Fall/holiday excitement. I did, however, make a promise to myself that this year I was going to slow down a bit so that I’m not limping to the finish of my percieved holiday marathon that is my son’s birthday. We’ll see how it goes. I’m not good at the whole slowing down thing.

Fall doesn’t seem like the right time to be slowing down.

A couple weekends back we took a couple neighbor kids with us to the world’s largest corn maze that featured 4 separate but adjoining mazes on 33 acres. It took us quite a while to find all 24 hidden checkpoints but with the enthusiasm and over confidence from the older kids and some snacks we made it all the way through.

More fall fun took place at a farm and market not too far from our house. They have a fall fest through the month of October that we love. There is just so much for the kdis to do that we could spend countless hours there. After 2 1/2 hours I had to drag them home.


The large inflatable train was a  huge hit and even my 1 year old nephew rocked it. The kids would go in and hang out on the slide until we made them come back out. That alone was worth admission. They also enjoyed a huge spider web, hay bale pile and corn pit.


 There were also a lot of painted wooden characters. My kids chose the ugliest one to take a picture in front of. It’s Humpty Dumpty I think. It frightens me. But may be that’s it’s purpose since it’s the month of Halloween…


Yesterday we had a lot of friends over to paint pumpkins. It’s an activity we do every year and the kids really seem to enjoy it.


For the play date I made some no-bake Pumpkin Oatmeal Balls ( I dipped them in some melted white chocolate and they were gobbled up.

(This picture is borrowed from chocolate covered katie’s website because we ate them before i thought to snap a photo.)

And one final activity the kids enjoyed was making this

We’re on our way to a very happy Halloween! Now if I would just get their costumes sorted out…

Fall Fun – post 1


We’ve been busy having fun some good quality fall fun. Let me catch you up to speed…


At the beginning of the month we took Opa (the kids’ great grandpa) on a hike and enjoyed all the different colors on the trees and prairie grasses. I let the kids lead the way and we ended up going all the way around the park (much to their dismay) which took us over an hour. That’s a long walk for those little legs! They did pretty well but were certainly pooped making the rest of the day… challenging.





After the walk we ended up at the playground where Ela woke up and was ready to play. This was her second time on the swings. It’s safe to say she loves them.








Two days earlier we went to a barnyard zoo where Ela had her first swing experience. Her mouth never closed. Anyone else agree that her facial structure, shadows and expression here sort of makes her resemble that creepy black and white mask from Scream? By the way, I hate masks. They’re terrible. Ugh! I’m getting creeped out just thinking about people in masks.

Babies. Let’s get back to babies. They’re not really creepy and they don’t wear masks. I love this baby. She’s so sweet and she’s mine and that makes me happy.




So anyways, at this zoo there were some animals. E-I-E-I-O.



We first encountered the goats. They were crazy, aggressive and just the beginning of the silly animals we were to find.



We soon came upon the Donkeys. Please notice the donkey laying down. I pretty much thought he was toast. He eventually got his lazy butt up off the ground but man was I concerned for a bit. I think Lil even asked me if he was dead.


After the donkeys we came upon this creature. I think it’s a sheep. A nutty, possessed sheep that kind of resembles the dog that is currently residing at my SIL’s house. Also a strange creature.


Across the way from the sheep was this fella. Just great. What more can I say?



All these animals were really entertaining to look at and feed. They were so aggressive trying to get the food from the kids and they loved it. The best part for me was that unlike going to a large zoo where the stroller is necessary for carting kids from one exhibit to another, this is a small zoo and the animals are all close together.




And then, just when I thought I had seen all the silly animals this zoo had to offer I ran into these hooligans…



And my barnyard zoo experience was complete!

We’ve had a lot more fall fun that I’ll share soon.







I love pumpkin and now that it’s Fall I’m just getting started. I was at Sam’s Club and there was a three pack of the huge cans of pumpkin puree. Naturally I bought it and am well on my journey to overdose on the stuff by Christmas. The first of the three cans is open in my fridge right now so I feel the need to put pumpkin in many things. I haven’t gotten too crazy with the stuff yet, but like I said, I’m just getting started.

So here’s what I’ve done with it so far.

This morning I mixed some pumpkin into my oatmeal with some cranberries, walnuts, pumpkin pie spice and cinnamon. I’ll be repeating this for the remainder of the fall season except for when I make pumpkin pancakes. That’s been on my menu quite a bit lately since we’re avid pancake consumers. My friend, Stacey, and her 3 boys were over the other afternoon and we made pumpkin pancakes for dinner with mini chocolate chips. Stacey had the recipe in her head so I just mixed up everything per her instructions. As it turns out, she forgot the butter and sugar but we didn’t even notice anything was missing!

I’ve also whipped up some White Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Cookies that I found on Tastykitchen. They were really great and I loved the white chocolate chips as opposed to the milk chocolate I usually use.  Here’s the link so you can try them:

That same morning that I whipped up the cookies I also made some pumpkin scones. Trader Joes has a mix that you just add water to. I’m sure they would have been great without adding anything extra but I couldn’t help myself so I threw in a bunch of white chocolate chips and dried cranberries. They tasted great and took moments to make. I’ll be traveling to Trader Joes soon to get more of this mix because, although I love making things from scratch, sometimes a little mindless baking is in order.

Oh, and one more pumpkiny thing before I’m finished. I now sprinkle pumpkin pie spice on top of my coffee grounds in the morning. It makes my house smell like Fall and is a nice compliment to the pumpkin pancakes, oatmeal, scones and cookies that are in abundance at my house!

I hope you’re enjoying Fall as much as I am. I’m off to find something new to whip up for our pumpkin painting playdate tomorrow!


A Bedtime Story


We spent this past Sunday at my inlaws house as we do most Sundays now that it’s football season and we don’t have cable. At one point in the day, probably after I had rolled my eyes at my daughter and said something like Ugh! 4 year olds!, my dad-in-law said, “Enjoy her at 4. She’ll only be 4 once.” Those words really struck a chord and I feel like I’ve been looking at my kids a little differently these days. I’m try not to hurry through the moments too much if ya know what I mean.

Anyways, the reason for this post was….

Oh yes. I wanted to share a little bedtime story with you:

I was snuggling my little lady tonight, enjoying my last few moments with her before the end of her day. I was holding her while we laid in bed and I asked her, “Will you always want me to snuggle you?”

I was thinking, like, 10 years down the road when she’s 14. Will my teenager still want her mom to snuggle her? Will I even still be liked by my teenage daughter?

Her reply, “I don’t know. Do 5 year olds still snuggle their moms?”

I had to chuckle at the near-sightedness and sincerety of her answer.

To this I could only reply, “Well, I’ve never had a 5 year old so I’m not sure, but I really hope you’ll still want me to snuggle you.”

Soup, Soup, Soup. I Love Soup.


It’s chilly outside and that means it’s soup season! I’ve recently become a soupahalic thanks to Mel’s easy, quick and delicious recipes that she posts on her blog at I’ve tried a handful of them so far to rave reviews from my husband every time.

Dinner tonight was her  Chicken Enchilada Soup (I halved the recipe for my family and still had a ton) and man was it awesome. I added a bit more green chiles than called for but aside from that I followed the recipe exactly. I crushed some multigrain tortilla chips on top and inhaled my bowl of soup as did my husband and daughter. My 2 year old son was hesitant about the soup but I’m pretty sure it was just because he was sitting next to the snow cone maker and was lusting after something less healthy.

This is a great soup for any occasion and I’m pretty certain it’ll freeze great because that’s where our extras are headed. So go ahead. Try it. You won’t be sorry you did.


A Day Dad Would Have Loved


We went to the city a week and a half ago to participate in the American Heart Association’s Heart Walk in Chicago. We walked in honor of Grandpa Frank (my dad), on his birthday, and it was an awesome way to celebrate his memory.



We walked with my brother, cousin and friend. This pic is as good as it gets! Ha! What a bunch of hooligans.







They had some cool photo opps.



Are you wondering why Lilly isn’t in this picture?…






…It’s because she was on the ground, protesting. She hates participating in photo opps. Especially when I really want her to. So I let her lay there as all the people walking by laughed with at me.




After the walk we showed the kids Millennium Park.

We saw the brick face fountains. They’re pretty neat. Faces are projected onto the wall and water spits out their mouths. My kids were more impressed with the little green bugs swimming in the water than with the water feature itself. Figures.


After 10 minutes of being man-handled, the green bug flew away and left my boy in hysterics (not the good kind).  What can I say, the kids loves bugs.

Then we showed them the bean or the Cloud Gate as it’s properly called but not referred to as such.





The kids thought the bean was amazing. Scratch that. Odin thought the bean was amazing. Lilly just thought hanging out with herself at the base of the bean was amazing. After some time Odin followed suit. Lil would have stayed there all day talking to herself if I would have let her. To her disappointment I did not.




We then found a secluded playground where I could nurse Ela. And where Odin could pee down the slide. That was cool…

My brother and I then decided it was time to drive to Jim’s. Most blue collar workers in Chicago speak fondly of Jim’s or at least know of the place. It’s a dive joint just off the on-ramp to the expressway at Roosevelt and Halsted by UIC (my alma mater). My dad loved the place and would sneak away when we had swim meets at the UIC Natatorium for a hotdog. This is why we just had to make a token trip there for a hotdog, a pork chop sandwich and fries.


Seriously though, I don’t know why he loved the place so much. I think it’s gross. But on that day, I loved every bite.

It was a day spent smiling, enjoying each others company, eating, people watching, sight seeing and remembering.

Basically a day Dad would have loved.

Sweet Skeleton PJs


Check out these awesome jammies. Thanks to our good friend, Lesley, my kids have to coolest pjs. In addition to the skeleton having candy corn in its belly the bones glow in the dark! You can’t tell from these pics, but my room was pitch black and their lovely bones were glowing making the kids squeel with delight. I got quite a few dorky photos snapping away in the dark. Failed pictures aside, we’ve been having a lot of fun with these jammies for the past few weeks. Odin really loves his and I’m tempted to buy him a skeleton mask and he can go as a skeleton for Halloween and continue to ‘scare’ us all.