Hide and Seek


Yesterday Odin played the best game of hide and seek he’s ever played, only he didn’t know he was playing and I wasn’t having any fun searching for him.

Having just put Ela to sleep, on a whim I decided I should use the hour I had before my eye doctor appointment to vacuum and wipe down my truck. Odin stomped upstairs and I let him go play or whatever it was he was planning to do and recruited Lil to help.

A little ways into our cleaning I sent Lil in to play with Ela who had woken up, most certainly thanks to her brother. On the monitor I heard and saw my two girls playing together in the crib. It was sweet and gave me the extra time I needed to finish cleaning my truck.

Eventually Ela made it known that she did not want to play with her sister anymore and demanded that her mother make an appearance. I obliged, directed Lil to get her shoes while I fed Ela a quick snack and then insisted Lil go find her brother so we could get our butts on the road.

She yelled for him and threatened that we were going to leave without him if he didn’t come right away.

No Odin appeared.

I told her to go search the rooms.

No Odin was discovered.

I started to get a little worried. I put Ela into her car seat and ran around the outside of the house and then up my back deck stairs calling O’s name, each time more frantic than the last. Lil was picking up on my panic and anxiously followed me room to room.

He wasn’t in my room, my closet or my bathroom. He wasn’t under Lil’s bed or in her large amour. He wasn’t behind Ela’s crib or behind the rocking chair.

So where the heck was my sweet boy?  Snuggling his lovies fast asleep in his very own bed, of course!

We breathed a collective sigh of relief, giggled our anxiety away and geared up to go.
I don’t think I would have been so nervous but I noticed Dragon, Odin’s beloved dog and sidekick, was hanging out with the girls and I was afraid O had left the house without his dog. It would be out of character but not out of the question. I’m just glad my little guy was safe and sound though I’m certain that incident just took 2 years off my life!

I know I’m not the first person to have this happen to them. So what’s your story? How’d your kid unintentionally scare the bejesus out of you?


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  1. This worry never ends. When Connie was in high school she went out with friends and I woke up at 12:30am and noticed her light was on. When I looked in I saw a bed with covers twisted but no body. I called her cell phone but no answer, so I sat up for another hour getting madder by the minute. I woke up Mike and said that Connie was still out and we thought she might be a coffee house that stays open until 2am in Evanston. I sent Mike out to find her. There he was driving around Evanston at 2am slowing down to look at every girl he saw walking along the sidewalk. As you can imagine this looked creepy so when he saw a police car taking notice he came home to tell me that he didn’t find her. I then checked through my phone records to find the cell number of the friend that she was hanging out with since she wasn’t answering her phone. When I called her friend, I got a half awakened response that Connie went home at midnight. Oh no. I looked in her room again, and there she was sound asleep all twisted in her covers just so that I could hardly see her. I guess my eye sight wasn’t that great in the middle of the night…

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