I’m Confiscating Those!


Lil attends a fantastic preschool. I absolutely love it there. At this school one child is responsible for bringing the snack and a bouquet of fresh cut flowers for the week. Essestially you end up bringing the snack and flowers two or three times per year.  This week was our week. Sunday evening Lilly’s daddy went to the store to get the instructed snack items.

He forgot the flowers.

After the kids were asleep he went back to the store and came home with these:

When I saw the flowers I was like, “Dang! Are those for me or the preschoolers?”

They were for the preschoolers. He said he just couldn’t get himself to buy the 2 for $5 bouquets because they weren’t very pretty so he had to buy a $15 bouquet instead.

I laughed.

And then I confiscated them.

In the morning, after admiring my new flowers, the kids and I left the house 20 minutes early (which is significant when the normal departure time is 8am!) and hit up the store for another bouquet of flowers. I let Lilly pick. As it happened, she walked right up to the preschool-appropriate bouquet of neon daisies and said, “Ooh! I want these!”

And all the Bailey gals were happy.

Lilly is enjoying her flowers every day at school and I am enjoying my confiscated bouquet of roses and Lilys every day at home. Now every time I look at them I laugh remembering how they came to be mine.


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