“Sleep? F*** Sleep,” Says Baby


She sleeps pretty well, except for today, and for that I am really greatful. However, today she decided she wanted to party all day long. I was on to her plan early and tried to put the kabosh on it but she all but flipped me the bird when I tried to put her down. 3 10 minute naps were all she’d allow today despite my best efforts. Baby: 1 Mommy: 0

But really, I can’t complain because when she’s not sleeping she’s doing this

 (being happy and content)

or this

 (being goofy)

Now that I think of it, she found her tounge today which may be why she didn’t want to nap. She was having too much fun sticking it out at me all day long.

Whatever her reasons were for not napping, she really is the best baby!

As for her siblings, I think they know she’s now in the running to be “the favorite” and are doing their best to solidify their hold on what they assume has been theirs all along.


As you can see, I’m raising a bunch of goons and I love it even though they exhaust me!



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