Adventures in Spoon Feeding


This little lady had her first bite of cereal yesterday.

And by cereal I mean boob milk with a little rice cereal added in. The directions on the box suggested I mix 1 Tbsp with 4-5 Tbsp breastmilk or water. The stuff was so soupy that it hardly stayed on the spoon after just 3 Tbsp of milk so I added a bit more cereal and ditched the directions. The kid would have done better with a straw. Especially since she insisted on eating with her chinĀ on her chest and her hands in her face.

There was more cereal on her than in her. But that’s how it goes.

And as soon as we were done eating she decided she wasn’t messy enough and did this

There’s just something about that Bumbo chair that does it for her.

I hope your feeding sessions are going more smoothly than ours!

**Yes I realize that the Bumbo chair has been recalled and yes I still use the shit out of it in a supervised manner (no pun intended).


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