Beach Bums


Today we met my brother and his friend Andy, or Rumplestiltskin as we decided to called him, at Lake Geneva in Fontana after they completed their sprint triathlon this morning. It was a brisk 43 degrees when they were driving to the event. I was warm and in bed while they were shivering, waiting for the swim to begin. Luckily by eleven o’clock when we showed up it was mid-seventies. If the sprint tri didn’t warm the guys up I’m certain that chasing my munchkins around the play ground and beach did the trick.

I had fun watching the kids provoking their uncle into playing many games of Run and Chase through the water and down the shore line. I was a mommy paparazi snapping pics most of the time and of course I only wound of with a few decent ones but so it goes. Here’s a few I do like:

My two year old thought licking the rock he pulled from the lake was “runny” (that’s funny for all of you that aren’t down with two year old linguistics.) I decided he may have been mineral deficiant so I let him lick the darn rock. Whatever.

This next pic captured a rare moment when my daughter’s two feet were somewhat stationary. Her Uncle told her to pick a hand and she might get a prize. She picked the correct hand (there was no wrong hand of course) and she was presented with a rock. He told her to cherrish it because he had spent a long time picking it out. I’m pretty sure she rolled her eyes at him. I certainly did.

I love looking at the little foot prints of my kiddos. This one is Lil’s and ceased to exist instantly after the picture was taken.

My baby girl has been sick all week and although she was super snotty (in the mucusy way not the attitudy way) she was still her easygoing self. Here she is sporting her first pair of jeans (size 12 months and she’s just 4 months old.) Yes they’re a bit long but they fit around her tummy!

And what’s a trip to the beach without burying someone? Lil really enjoyed being trapped in the top of the sand mountain and she had no problem freeing herself.

Her brother, on the other hand, also enjoyed being buried by Daddy but needed her assistance to get out.

And here’s a picture of Rumplestiltskin

He looks very much the part… just sayin’.

I just love going to the beach. I don’t totaly love the sand but I do love the water and all the laughter and smiles and fun that we have while we’re there. It makes my heart happy.

It was a fun day.

I hope you’re enjoying your weekend!!!

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