Congested and then some


There was no separation for me between last night and this morning. Not because I was up partying, getting wild on a Sunday night. That would have been way cooler than the nursing, showering, cuddling and suctioning of snot that went on around the clock because my 4 month old is sick and can’t breath. The other two are sick also but I can only focus on one child at a time right now. I haven’t had my coffee. Wait, it’s made and sitting in the pot. Excuse me a moment….

…ahh, that’s a better. Or at least it will be once the caffeine kicks in. Come on caffeine!

So as I was saying, I had a night from hell. This happens some times. It’s just part of the whole parenting thing.

Hey! I just killed a fruit fly with my bare hands. I must not be too compromised from the lack of sleep.

Sorry, I’m easily distracted here. Let’s blame the lack of sleep after all.

What was it I really wanted to share with you this morning? Oh, yes! Moments ago as I was sitting at the counter eating some oatmeal and smiling at my sick baby girl she sneezed some HUGE snot rockets out of her nose. It was really quite impressive. Disgusting yet impressive.

Bottom line here, I’ll be wiping snot from noses all day. If you’re in need of professional snot wiping services come on by. I’m sure I can help you out.

In addition to keeping faces clear of snot today, I also plan on forgetting my exhaustion and channeling my caffeinated self into doing something productive around this dump that is my home, all the while being serenaded by coughs and sneezes.

I just hope I can skirt by without getting sick. Ha!

Wish me luck!


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