Weekend snippets


It was a fun weekend, although I suppose I can say that about most of our weekends. Here is a brief synopsis of some of the things that occured.

Grandma Anke brought some gifts from her vacation:

  yup, it’s a shark!

I found this visitor hanging outside my second story bedroom window. I didnt allow it inside :

Our chickens started laying eggs. Lilly brought me the first, slimy egg Saturday morning!

Ela’s daddy figured out a new way to cure a cranky baby.

I went to my cousin’s ’80’s themed bachelorette party in Chicago and made Pac Man inspired cupcakes:

While I was partying there was a 3 Men and a Baby feeding fiasco going on at my brother’s place. He had Ela duty and it took him and his two roommates to get her to eat. It would’ve taken 1 man to feed her had the milk been warmed properly. Now they know 😉

Sunday morning my brother and his buddy, Andy, competed in a sprint triathalon. It was a lot of fun being downtown as the sun was rising. 5 hours carrying my 19 pound baby around Chicago left my hip flexors beyond sore and my shoulders stiff but it was awesome spending some time with my brother!


So that’s a quick glimps into our weekend fun. I hope you had a good one too.



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