Grammy of the Year Award


This is my dad’s mom. We call her Grammy. She is beyond a doubt the best grandma around and I’m certain I get a lot of my good genes from her. We visit her at least every 2 weeks and it’s the highlight of her week. All the other old ladies tell me so. We visited her today and there was an array of treats set out for my kids. Marshmallows, pretzels, yogurt covered rasins (they didn’t touch those), strawberries, kiwi, grapes, watermelon, ice cream, jello and suckers. It’s no wonder Odin didn’t eat his pizza for lunch! The woman sure knows how to spoil her great grandkids. In addition to the food she just lets them act like the crazy kids they are. And when they accidentally break one of her porcelin birds or drops some food and stains the white chair cushions she just says, “Oh well! It can be fixed/washed/whatever.” And then she tells me to chill out as I’m trying to keep my kids in line because they’re just being kids and the materialistic stuff doesn’t matter. Bottom line: my grandma rocks! Just thought you all should know 🙂


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