I went shopping without the older kids yesterday. It was marvelous. I indulged a little because I could. I bought a box of Sour Patch Kids that caught my eye as I was walking by a huge bin of assorted candies. I freaking love Sour Patch Kids! Mostly I default to chocolate but there’s just something I find irresistable about these sour coated, sweet and chewy wonders. So like I said,  I bought a box. Unfortunately, in my haste to unload my purchases and get ready for some friends that were due in about 20 minutes, I threw a clothes bin into Odin’s room. I failed to notice my box of candy sitting inside the box. Odin didn’t follow suit.

Today, about mid-afternoon, my mom brought the box downstairs and said, “I found this in Odin’s bed with the contents dumped out.” I couldn’t help but chuckle. Just look at the tear. It’s like a wild animal got ahold of it, and to a certain degree one did. Of course the scoundrel had torn open the box and indulged in the goodness within. When my mom gave me the box it was at least half empty. I have no clue when he ate it all but that certainly explains a portion of his nutty behavior today.

As I was tucking him into bed tonight I noticed that he was lying in a bed of sugar. I made him get up while I brushed it off and I couldn’t help but laugh again because this kid really takes after me when it comes to all things sugar. We just have to indulge. And secret indulgences are the best!


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