Cute Kid Boots


So like I mentioned, we hung out with my horse loving cousin, Sarah, who also happens to work for Ariat. There were some great kids boots on sale about a month ago so Sarah picked some up for Lilly and Odin.


It’s been so hot outside that the kids hadn’t worn them yet but our trip to visit Sarah’s horses provided us with the perfect opportunity to wear them.

Check out these kicks!

Here they are waiting for Sarah to feed the horses.

Lilly got that cute skirt the other day from her Grandma Anke. It was perfect paired with her horse shirt and boots.  She thought she was a real cutie-pie. I’d have to agree!

And here they are showing me their boots.

I was actually surprised how cooperative they were in my requests to get cute pictures of them in their boots. I think they were just thrilled to be around horses and would have done almost anything I requested. I must remember this. Hanging with horses = agreeable children.

Thanks Sarah! You’re the Best!


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