Shots That Leveled Her


Today there was no taking shots or firing shots, both of which would have been way more fun than the getting of shots that actually occured. Ela turned 2 months old yesterday so today, at her doctor’s appointment, began the assault of vaccines she will be given throughout her life. She took the two shots, one in each thigh, like a champ. She just screamed for a brief moment and that was it. She then proceeded to sleep the rest of the day, waking for a brief 1 1/2 hours to eat and hang out. She finally woke up at 6:30 this evening and she’s still going strong 3 1/2 hours later but I’m gonna try putting her little butt to bed at her usual bedtime of 10:30 and see how we fare. It was a nice day though and as a result of her constant sleeping I was able to write and post a lot more than usual. If this is how she’s going to react to shots in the future, I say bring them on!




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