Procrastination tactics of a two year old


O is a pretty good sleeper but, like all kids do at some point, he discovered that he can buy himself a few moments at bedtime if he’s tricky. He had my card pulled two weeks ago when he’d preface what he intended on saying with “I have to tell you something.” It got my attention every time because Lilly never initiated a conversation like that. She just assumed you were listening and cut to the chase. Odin figured me out and started using this tactic to procrastinate until I put the cabash on it. Here is one such bedtime procrastination attempt as it played out:

O: Mommy, I ha’ do tell you someding

Me: Yes Hunny, what is it?

O: Um… A polar bear at my house.

Me: There’s a polar bear at our house?

O: Yesh. …Ah, I ha’ tell you someding AGAIN!

Me: Yes, O?

O: Um, dere monsters out dere!

Me: You think the are monaters in the hallway? There aren’t any monsters in the hallway, Odin. And if there are, your dogs will protect you and eat them.

O: Huh. …Mom-

Me: No, Odin, there is nothing left to tell me. I have something to tell you though. It’s time for bed! Now be quiet and go to sleep.

O: Awwww.

Me: …Odin?

O: Yeah?

Me: I love you! (laughing)

O: Love you much, Mommy.

What a goon. He melts my heart!


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