A Little Spontaneous Fun


I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m a planner. As a mom you sort of have to be. My husband is not a planner. He likes to do whatever it is he feels like doing and I was glad that this weekend, primarily Saturday, we were plan-less and free to do as we pleased.

On Friday Lilly felt like it was an appropriate day for her imaginary lion friend, Simba, to have his 12th birthday. I agreed it was a great day for a birthday because I was making a cake for our neighborhood book club  (damn-it, I didn’t get a pic!) and had some leftover cupcakes. We sang Simba “Happy Birthday” as he sat in the empty chair between the two kids.

Odin didn’t get to eat a cupcake because he chose not to eat his dinner. No dinner = no dessert in my household. Sorry, punk. Below Lilly is explaining  that point to him and that if he tried to touch her cupcake one more time he’d lose a few fingers.

Then she further explained to him that in his attempt to get closer to the cupcake he was now sitting on the chair occupied by Simba and he’s better move his butt or Scar would eat him up. These lion friends of hers don’t mess around!


So that was our spontaneous Friday fun. On Saturday we had no plans and ran a bunch of errands as a family. First we went out to breakfast. I can not recall the last time we went out to breakfast as a family. It was really nice! We gorged ourselves. Well at least I did, while Lilly all but threatened me with that knife to stop taking her picture so she could eat.

After the kids were done eating their breakfast of chocolate (chocolate milk and chocolate chip pancakes, oh my!) they danced in the aisle. I thought they were mighty cute.

Following breakfast we crossed some things off our to-do list and then transported our chicken prisoner to my MIL’s house to exchange it.

You see, this chicken was suppose to be a hen and turned out to be a rooster. We decided the neighbors wouldn’t be thrilled about cock-a-doodle-dooing at 5am so we exchanged the dude for a dudette. During our visit to the grandparents’ house Ela was snoozing on the couch when one of their dogs, Butch, hopped up and took up guard over her. I use to fear this dog but he is wonderful with my kids so I’ve grown to like him.

After the kids’ nap we decided to visit our Yeti friend and his girlfriend. The kids love visiting as do we.

Odin loves playing in the recent landscaping at their house and winds up filthy from the mulch-stuff every time. He had a blast as you can see by looking at his face.

Well, he had a blast until he realized how dirty he was and then he was paranoid to get cleaned up.

So we directed Lilly to take her brother to the sprinkler in the yard to wash off. It amused us to no end as we watched them try to avoid the spray of water but get close enough to rinse off.

Good times! I hope you were able to have some spontaneous fun this weekend as well. Sometimes the best times are the unexpected ones.



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