The Four P’s of today


Today was all about the Four P’s;  Pee, Princesses, Pie and Pool (in that order).

Let’s start with Pee. This morning Odin finally convinced me to jump out of bed when he grabbed himself and said, “I have to go pee!” I stripped him down and sat him on the toilet and he really, truly peed! I was really proud of him. I think the whole potty training adventure is going to go a lot more smoothly than it did with Lilly. I think…

Then there were Princesses. Lilly had her second week of fairy tale princess dance class. All the little girls got to pretend they were Rapunzel today which made my princess extremely happy since it’s definitely one of her favorites. Odin and I spent the 45 minute class in the waiting area throwing a ball back and forth and messing around on the iPad.

Next came the Pie. My SIL Kathryn and I have perfected strawberry-rhubarb pie. At least we think so. It’s the middle of June and neither of us had made one yet so we rectified that today. We also made a blueberry cream pie which didn’t firm up due to some improvised cream products. As it turns out, there’s really no good substitute for heavy wh

ipping cream but it still tasted summery and refreshing so I didn’t mind one bit. All-in-all, I think I ate about 3 pieces of

pie. I want more.

Lastly, there was the pool aspect of the day. Our day just isn’t complete without a refreshing dip. My Aunt Maren came to hang out with us and we enjoyed her company until it was dinner time. A cold beer, poolside on a Monday makes me happy.

Life is good. I hope you all enjoyed your Monday as well!


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