Posting a few drafts


I feel like there have been a million posts I’ve written in my head but I haven’t found the time, or rather I didn’t have the energy when I did have the time, to type up. For the past 5 days we have been spending a lot of time with family. All of my husband’s siblings (there are 6 of them) have been in town along with my SIL’s brother and niece and we’ve been having a blast hanging out together. I’ll have a fun post up soon with pics of our large family and silliness but until then, here are some posts that were in the works:

Super Glue: A Great but Dangerous Product!

I’ve never used super glue as much in my life as I have in the past year or so.  As Odin attempts to play with certain toys, especially those more delicate toys belonging to his sister, he inevitably breaks them. He use to break things on accident. Now that he’s two he break things simply because he is a maniac and feels the need to throw everything he can get his grubby hands on. This does not fare well for Lilly’s belongings.

For example, I was just taking a few minutes to buy my plane ticket for my sister’s wedding. Odin and Lilly escaped to the upstairs and were playing nicely together (this I assume only because I didn’t hear the fighting and crying I now hear coming form the upstairs.) Lilly came down all upset that Odin broke her jewelry box so I went upstairs to inspect the damage and dole out punishments and force apologies to be made. Then I came downstairs again and attempted to fix the box. It wasn’t hard to fix but I did end up super gluing my finger to the little glue container. Ripping my finger off was less than fun.  Then Odin threw a wooden block at Lilly’s head and bruised her ear. Once her tears were dry we sat down for lunch and needless to say I was feeling a little testy by that point. Foolishly Lilly proceeded to antagonize me and I took the bait. For her less than stellar behavior she was awarded some time in her room during which she passed out. I, on the other hand, was awarded “Mother of the Year”. (My words are dripping with sarcasm in case you didn’t notice.) Good times…

*As I just reread that post I realize that it went from a post about super glue to a vent about a Lilly-Odin-Mommy shit show. My bad. Instead of editing it, I’ll just let it go.

Kid Synopsis (written 5 days prior to this post):
After a solid 3 weeks I am happy to report that Eleanor’s baby acne is almost gone. On the flip side, she hasn’t pooped in 8 days and is beginning to get more cranky (I hope due to the poop issue and not due to a change in temperament.) Her major awake period is from about 5pm-11pm at which point I am thoroughly exhausted after a 16 hour day. As of today she is 7 weeks old and over the past week she has begun smiling at us and cooing. It’s nice. And that’s all I have to report about on her. (Update: And on the 8th day she made poop! Life was better after that!)

As for Odin, he’s enjoying running around naked and just realized he does in fact enjoy swimming in the pool. He antagonizes his sister all day long and is quick to turn on the water works when he gets in trouble. He has a monstrous sweet tooth and knows how to bat those long lashes at me to get a treat. What a stinker!

Lilly is a fish. She will swim all day every day if you let her. I fear a swim team is in her future! She already looks like a little brown baby and as the summer wears on she’ll continue to get more and more tan. Her hair will end up green for sure! It’s the same hair that looks like a rat’s nest because she hates to brush it,  although she now is able to brush her hair herself so I mostly let her deal with it.

“Every Little Princess Needs a Unicorn”

We visited with the kids’ Great Aunt Debra last week. She always finds the coolest gifts and as it was the first time she was meeting Eleanor she brought some packages for the kiddos. Lilly and O got a great Goodnight Moon puzzle that they enjoy doing together and Ela got an awesome unicorn towel because as Aunt Debra says, “Every little princess needs a unicorn!” The great thing about this unicorn towel, aside from it’s basic awesomeness, is that it’s big enough that both my little princesses can use it. Thanks Aunt Debra!!!

Well, hope you enjoyed that. Time for me to wrangle up some wild animals upstairs. Stay tuned for more Bailey shenanigans!


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