The Bailey Bunch


This week is a low-key week compared to the crazy-fun week that came before it. We were surprised with a visit from my SIL, Baret, almost two weeks ago. She’s in the Marines and will be getting out after the election this November so she was back here getting some things in order. We love when Aunt Baret visits. She’s just such a great person and enjoys playing with her two nieces and two nephews. We’re all stoked to have her back in the area.


In addition to having Aunt Baret in town, Pirate Uncle Liam was in town along with Aunt Lael. It was the first time in a long time that the entire Bailey clan was together, and certainly since Ela was born, so we had a big family dinner at my place and of course a photo session followed.

First we tried taking a good pic of the group. This is as good as it gets. Next we took a monster pic. It’s a much more natural pose for all of us!

Then it was time for a pic with all 6 Bailey kids. Odin thought it looked like fun and ran up to the tire at which point he was roared at by 6 ferocious monters that he had mistaken as his relatives.

Next we thought it would be a good idea to get a pic of all 4 Bailey grandchildren. I’m personally fond of the floating Ela compliments of Aunt Baret. Then we through the grandparents in for another attempt at getting a decent pic with their grandkids. Thanks to Lilly it was a fail. She thought she was hilarious. I did not. What a clown.

And we capped off the photo fiasco with a pic of the 3 generations; Robert Raymond Bailey (IV, V, III)

There was also another picture in which all six Bailey kids showed off their best imitation pregnant bellies, well all but Liam, he sucked in his belly and looked shockingly anorexic. I’d love to post the pic but I’m not sure the girls would like that shared.

Compared to all the activity of the previous week or so, this week is proving to be quite boring (mostly in a good way) and I’m told it’s good to slow things down every once in a while. we’ll see about that 😉


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