Lessons Learned from Rolling Down a Hill


We visited a new park today with a few other moms and had a lot of fun. Typically the moms chat and the kids play. It’s a nice way to spend a few hours.

The park we went to had a very large hill. The kids had a blast rolling down it though they haven’t really mastered the art of hill rolling if you ask me.

They scrunch up their little bodies making it very difficult to roll properly.

Lilly sort of got it down but only was able to complete one or two rolls before she had to stop to straighten herself out. Odin simply resorted to scooching down the hill on his butt (I’m gonna have to Spray ‘n Wash those pants!)

After tackling the hill on their own, Lilly came and grabbed my hand and asked me to roll with her. I thought about making up some excuse about how I couldn’t roll or something but decided instead that I’d better just show her how a pro does it. After all, I was the hill rolling champion in middle school.

Okay, I’m lying but it sounded good. Didn’t it?!

Anyways, after trekking to the top of the hill I laid down in a nice streamline style and proceeded to roll down the hill.

When I got to the bottom I sat, as my vision returned to me, and realized a few things:

1. I get dizzy much more easily than I use to and fear that I am now a wuss. I wonder how I would hold up at Great America? It’s been so long since I’ve rode a roller coaster (I probably can’t count the kiddie dragon coaster at the fair, can I?)

2. Rolling down a hill when nursing (especially when you haven’t nursed in a few hours) hurts like hell.

3. My kids partake in observational learning, just not when it’s their mom that’s trying to teach them something.

4. It’s fun to act like a kid sometimes.

What’s the last fun thing you let yourself get talked into doing? Share with me. I’d love to hear about it!




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  1. “Middle school hill rolling champion” … sounds like an ‘Anke’ expression 😉 you are your mother’s daughter!

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