The beginning of a long, hot summer


Lilly’s last day of preschool was yesterday! She’s super excited about having the summer off and I am too. Will we ever get out of our pajamas before 10am? Not unless it’s to get into our swim suits!

The pic on the left is her first day.  The pic on the right is her last day.

Yesterday was also Coach and Fiver’s birthday. I LOVE these guys!

I attempted to make a cake for their birthday dinner celebration last night. It didn’t go over so well…

Yup, that’s 4 cups of milk that I spilled all over my counter and floor because I’m awesome like that. Needless to say, the first cake I planned didn’t get made. And then the second cake I attempted stuck to the pans so it was an overall baking fail. Four weeks off of baking and suddenly I’m an amateur in the kitchen. But despite my fails there was cake to consume (good work Kathryn and Maggie!) and as you can see from Fiver, forks were optional!

And after the sugary goodness was consumed, the antics began. Well, I suppose the antics just continued because with this lot the antics never really stop! Lilly looks charming in her Grandpa’s glasses, doesn’t she?




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